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Scarcity belief


The ego is premised on the scarcity belief.
“The ego IS the belief of the mind that it is completely on its own.” Urtext/OE/JCIM only

The scarcity belief is premised on the belief in separation.
“The mind can make the belief in Separation VERY real and VERY fearful. And this belief IS the devil. It is powerful, active, destructive, and clearly in opposition to God, because it literally denies His Fatherhood. Never underestimate power of this denial. Look at your lives and see what the devil has made. But KNOW that this making will surely dissolve in the light of truth, because its foundation IS a lie.” Urtext/OE/JCIM only

“Darkness [hiding from Light]…is an example of the scarcity fallacy, from which only error can proceed.” T-1.IV.3.1-3

The belief in separation is the erroneous belief that you can be cut off from All That Is = lacking
Infinity minus x = lack = fear that this is what you are/are not = error

 “We once said there is no order of difficulty in miracles because they are ALL maximal expressions of love. This has no range at all. The non-maximal only APPEARS to have a range. This is because it SEEMS to be meaningful to measure it FROM the maximum, and identify its position by HOW MUCH it is NOT there. Actually, this does not mean anything. It is like negative numbers ...”   Urtext/OE/JCIM only

Therefore, the ego is a circular belief system, and those who identify with the ego are trapped in hamster wheel and they need mobius (Holy Instant) thinking in order to break the cycle

[Miracle workers] MUST learn Christ-control, to replace their former habits, which DID produce scarcity rather than abundance. From errors of this kind, the sense of deprivation IS inevitable, but very easily corrected. Urtext/OE/JCIM only

Until the Separation, which is a better term than the Fall, nothing was lacking.  This meant that man had no needs at all.  If he had not deprived himself, he would never have experienced them.   Original version of T-1.VI.1.6-8
After the Separation, needs became the most powerful source of motivation for human action.  All behavior is essentially motivated by needs...   Urtext/OE/JCIM only

[The mind that thinks it is separate from Infinity is] acting from scarcity. He then becomes more and more driven in his behavior, to fill the emptiness. Urtext/OE/JCIM only

…abilities are beliefs which are BASED on the scarcity fallacy, since they do not mean anything apart from within-group comparisons. As you yourself never fail to point out, “nobody has none of an ability, and nobody has all of it.” Urtext/OE/JCIM only

“Giving to get” is an inescapable law of the ego, which ALWAYS evaluates itself in relation to others’ egos, and is therefore continually preoccupied with the scarcity principle which gave rise to it. This IS the meaning of Freud’s “pleasure principle.” Freud was the most accurate “ego psychologist” we ever had, although he would not have preferred this description himself. His ego was a very weak and deprived concept, which could function ONLY as a thing in need. Partly contained in T-4.II.6.5-6

…“good” and “deprivation” are opposites… T-21.III.11.4 fragment

Every attack is a call for [Christ's] patience, because ONLY His patience can translate attack into blessing. Those who attack DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE BLESSED. They attack BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE DEPRIVED. Give therefore of YOUR abundance, and teach them THEIRS. Do not share their delusions of scarcity, or you will perceive YOURSELF as lacking.   T-7.VII.7.4-8

Projection, to the Holy Spirit, is the law of extension. To the ego, it is the law of deprivation. It therefore produces abundance or scarcity, depending on how you choose to apply it. This choice IS up to you, but it is NOT up to you to decide whether or not you will UTILIZE projection. Every mind MUST project because that is how it lives, and every mind IS life. The ego’s use of projection must be fully understood before its inevitable association between projection and anger can be finally undone. ...
The ego ALWAYS tries to preserve conflict. It is very ingenious in devising ways which SEEM to diminish conflict because it does NOT want you to find conflict so intolerable that you will INSIST on giving it up. Therefore, the ego tries to persuade you that IT can free you of conflict, lest you give the EGO up and free YOURSELF. ...It projects conflict FROM your mind to OTHER minds, in an attempt to persuade you that you have gotten RID of it. This has several fallacies which may not be so apparent.
...A second fallacy is the idea the you can get RID of something you do not want by giving it away. GIVING it is how you KEEP it. The belief that by giving it OUT you have excluded it from WITHIN is a complete distortion of the power of extension.
That is why those who project from the ego are vigilant for their OWN safety. They ARE afraid that their projections will return and hurt them. They DO believe they have blotted their projections from their OWN minds, but they also believe their projections are trying to creep back INTO them. That is because the projections have NOT left their minds, and this, in turn, forces them to engage in compulsive [changed to “constant”] activity in order NOT to recognize this.   T-7.VIII.1.7 - 3

If [children] are deprived, their perception becomes distorted. When this occurs, the whole family of God, or the Sonship, is impaired in its relationships. Original version of T-1.V.3.1-3

…the special relationship is an attempt to RE-ENACT the past, AND CHANGE IT. Imagined slights, remembered pain, past disappointments, perceived injustices and deprivations, all enter into the special relationship, which becomes a way in which you seek to restore your wounded SELF-esteem. T-16.VII.1.2-3

ONLY YOU CAN DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF ANYTHING. Do not oppose this realization, for it is truly the beginning of the dawn of light. Remember also that the denial of this simple fact takes many forms, and these you must learn to recognize, and to oppose steadfastly and WITHOUT EXCEPTION. This is a crucial step in the re-awakening. The beginning phases of this reversal are often quite painful, for as blame is withdrawn from without, there is a strong tendency to harbor it within. T-11.IV.4

…there IS no distinction between within and without. If your brothers are part of YOU, and you blame THEM for your deprivation, you ARE blaming yourself. And you cannot blame yourself WITHOUT blaming them. Last part of T-11.IV.4.6 – 5.2

…deprivation breeds attack, BEING the belief that attack IS justified. And, as long as you would RETAIN the deprivation, attack becomes salvation, and sacrifice becomes love. T-15.XI.5.6

[The ego] literally believes that every time it deprives someone of something, IT has increased. T-7.V.9.8

Whenever you deny a blessing to a brother YOU will feel deprived. T-7.VII.1.1

The picture you see of yourselves is deprived, unloving and very vulnerable. You CANNOT love this. Yet you can very easily escape from it, or better, leave it behind. Original version of T-7.VII.3.2-4

As long as you perceive the body as your reality, so long will you perceive yourself as lonely and deprived. And so long will you also perceive yourself as a VICTIM OF SACRIFICE, JUSTIFIED in sacrificing others. 

Attack could never promote attack unless you perceived it as a means of depriving you of something you WANT. Yet you cannot LOSE anything unless YOU did not value it, and therefore did not WANT it. This makes you feel DEPRIVED of it, and by projecting your own rejection, you believe that others are taking it FROM you.

Only YOU can limit your creative power, but God wills to release it. He no more wills you to deprive yourself of your creations than He wills to deprive Himself of His. Do not withhold your gifts to the Sonship, or you withhold yourself from God. Selfishness is of the ego, but self-fullness is of the Soul because that is how God created it. 

 Let us join in celebrating peace by demanding no sacrifice of anyone, for so will you offer me the love I offer you. What can be more joyous than to perceive WE ARE DEPRIVED OF NOTHING? Such is the message of the time of Christ...

The blind become ACCUSTOMED to their world by their adjustments to it. They think they know their way about in it. They learned it not through joyous lessons, but through the stern necessity of limits they believed they could not overcome. And, STILL believing this, they hold those lessons dear, and cling to them BECAUSE they cannot see.
They do not understand the lessons [from their past] KEEP them blind. This they do NOT believe. And so they keep the world they learned to “see” in their imagination, believing that their choice is that, or nothing. They hate the world they learned through pain. And everything they think is in it serves to remind them that THEY are incomplete and bitterly deprived. Thus they DEFINE their life and where they live it [limits=hell], ADJUSTING to it as they think they must, afraid to lose the little that they have. And so it is with all who see the body as all they have, and all their brothers have. They try to reach each other, and they fail. And fail again. And they ADJUST to loneliness, believing that to KEEP the body is to SAVE the little that they have. 


Your Father knoweth that you have need of nothing. In Heaven this is so, for what could you need in eternity? In YOUR world you DO need things, because it is a world of scarcity in which you find yourself BECAUSE you are lacking. But CAN you find yourself in such a world? Without the Holy Spirit, the answer would be no. But BECAUSE of Him, the answer is a joyous YES. As mediator between the two worlds, He knows what you have need of, and WHICH WILL NOT HURT YOU. Ownership is a dangerous concept, if it is left to you. The ego wants to HAVE things for salvation, for possession is its law. Possession for its OWN sake is the ego’s fundamental creed, a basic cornerstone in the churches that it builds unto itself. And at ITS altar, it demands you lay ALL of the things it bids you get, leaving you no joy in them. 
EVERYTHING that the ego tells you that you need will hurt you. For, although it urges you again and again to GET, it LEAVES you nothing, for what you get it will DEMAND of you. And even from the very hands that grasped it, it will be wrenched and hurled into the dust. For where the ego sees salvation IT SEES SEPARATION, and so you lose whatever you have gotten in its name. Therefore, ask not of yourselves what you need, FOR YOU KNOW NOT, and your advice unto yourself WILL hurt you. For what YOU think you need will merely serve to tighten up your world AGAINST the light, and render you unwilling to question the value that this world can REALLY hold for you. 
Only the Holy Spirit KNOWS what you need. For HE will give you all things that do NOT block the way to light. And what else COULD you need? In time, He gives you all the things that you need have, and will renew them as long as you have need of them. He will take nothing FROM you, as long as you have ANY need of it. And yet He knows that EVERYTHING you need is temporary, and need but last until you step aside from ALL your needs, and learn that all of them HAVE BEEN fulfilled. Therefore, He has no investment in the things that He supplies, except to make certain that you will NOT use them on behalf of lingering in time. He knows that you are not at home there, and He wills no delay to wait upon your joyous homecoming. 
Leave, then, your needs to Him. He will supply them, with no emphasis at all upon them. What comes to you of Him comes safely, for He will ensure it never can become a dark spot, hidden in your mind, and kept to hurt you. Under His guidance, you will travel light and journey lightly, for His sight is ever on the journey’s end, which is His goal. God’s Son is not a traveller through OUTER worlds. However holy his perception may become, no world OUTSIDE himself holds his inheritance. Within HIMSELF he HAS no needs, for light needs nothing but to shine in peace.  And from ITSELF, to let the rays extend in quiet to infinity. 

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It is a gift given

It is a gift given

You often wonder why it has taken so long for certain events to be realized in your lives; that is your question. This is the answer: how long has it taken you to obey the simple requests given you? Has much been asked? Has anything been demanded beyond your strength and intelligence? Let us be spiritually honest; you ask, you pray for results; do you spiritually work for them? Honestly, have you?

I do not like the word “work” — it is too hard a word. But above all, above all, this is not a happy anodyne, an escape from the realities of life through which you can be pleasantly rested and released from momentary strains; this is not an opiate. You have never been failed when you have wholeheartedly opened to receive the Spirit that abides within you; opened to receive it into your mind, into your heart by transmuting all untoward emotions through it. We see this lack of active co-operation so often when great wisdom has been manifested to those who asked for it, and even while receiving it, it slipped away and was forgotten and the advice not taken. The thing enjoyed was the moment of spiritual awareness and the wonderment that the glory for an instant was felt.

How often it is said, “How true and beautiful are these communions!” and then they are not acted upon very much, if at all. This is not a chiding; it is an answer to your question, “Why, oh why am I in this or that situation?” You are a human organism and a spiritual intelligence is difficult to assimilate and realize. You see the failures more clearly in your acquaintances when they fail to act upon their inner wisdom.

All that is asked is an awareness of God’s awareness of you, of the immense love of his spirit for you. There is no must nor effort in this, for once the heart is touched by an awareness of him it is comforted, reassured, content.

No effort brings this confident companionship; it is a gift given to him who takes time to rest in the desire for Him, and will free himself from delaying appetites, not always physical appetite. There are greeds that stand in your way; not just the outer greed, but the quality of the spirit of greed within; there is where the refinement must take place; melt away this murky darkness which so intimately surrounds the lighter spirit.
The spiritual significance of baptism, the ancient ritual of crowning a king, hold true; the linen shirt before the gold tunic and the crown. Realize your dedication and you will be free; you cannot hold great power without hurting yourselves if you are full of great shadows and fears. Be holy! Inward discipline is close to the quick of life eternal, and we tell you that the high purity of the light you seek must be made way for. Ah, I have it . . . clean the lamp chimney so the light can shine through! It is not difficult when done with joy and good sense. Ask of yourselves the subtle refinement; to hate a man, to self-justify, to overeat, to walk through the day in a subjective sleep, to roll an appetite upon the tongue …. Go to the root, what do you want most?

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02/27/2019 at 12:28 pm

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The burden is light

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The burden is light

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

It is as if you climbed and reached a plateau where you could rest and consolidate your gains for awhile and gather strength through an inner, eternal voice. You go on and up with so much less dross until you reach another plateau and lie a little weary, but with a most wondrous sense that you are stronger; so you go, ever climbing and getting freer from delaying emotions and habits. That is being shriven. So in this clay, and workaday, violent life, march gaily upward out of the teeming plains, through the dark forest, up on to the cliffs where the way is less crowded. Climb the heights and soon you will find you have escaped and are alone in the clear air, air that is revivifying, restoring. Be a good athlete, self-disciplined, tried and free.

It may seem strange to give you a picture where there is so much effort and struggle – for it is not so; the yoke is easy, the burden is light compared to the way of the flesh. There is no effort spiritually, though you find you have to do things that tire the body, for you carry with you your knowledge of high peace like a lofty mountain peak high up in the silence near the stars.

As one has said, “What I say is commonplace, but if it became a conviction it would change the faith of the world.”

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Find joy in this wonderful game

Find joy in this wonderful game

The chemistry of your body, affected as it is by emotional states, is very delicate, very sensitive; it is true in the strongest men. You are subject to thousands of influences; of some you are completely unaware; and if you could see to what some people react you would be astonished. Climate, fears most childlike, changes in temperature, old resentments, fear of cats, rainy days, depressing influences from strangers, noises and even smells are constantly affecting your bodily health; not to mention maladjustments.
The greatest thing to help you is the habit of being in the presence of God. Your wish is for it, but as someone has said, the proof of a desire is found in the habit of response. When this great habit becomes more secure you will find an orderly faith is a controlling, rejuvenating rightness, and your weak, defenseless, awkward, too solid body will at last know what it means to find fulfillment in the highest health.

Oh, fill yourself with light! Try every kind of way not to slide off the beautiful smooth path where, if you could but stay, are no aches or unease or sadness or pain or tiredness. Yes, you will find a health more wonderful than any athlete’s, for it will be a vibrating faith. But you must do it.

Be alert, industrious in the habit of being in his presence. The fight is inch by inch, never swerving. Learn that by these thorny struggles to keep what you get and be strong in the holding of it, you will be saved from having to go back to learn your lesson all over again. All that is asked of you is to be gloriously happy and it seems such a painful process! Watch every idle word, for you will find joy in this wonderful game.
It is true the successes seem frail and delicate but they are stronger than you can have any conception of, for because of your intent you are being filled with healing, vitalizing, sustaining truth and eternal love; it is all on so grand a scale. You will astonish yourself, and if you can see the simplicity of this-the victory is yours.

Delay, delay — stop it now!

Watch your every response and thought and bring to yourself a day, a fraction of a day, when you have kept his presence in your heart and your heart in his presence. For this is the good news of which the prophets spoke, this is what it is all about. This is what they meant when they said “Rejoice!” for there is very little from which we cannot be defended, and there is much that we can overcome magnificently by learning not to sink down into darkness as the result of not being awake and alert.

Here he is — now.

But man hates to think. He hates the effort of thinking, he is always seeking escape in the senses, in anything to get away from that which will make him free. Take the dare-for this is no foolish thing. Snatch moments, invent reminders, until this divine habit becomes constant. It is really as if you were in a place which is overcrowded, like a tenement street, and dark, and you knew a secret door that opened into a garden where there was quiet and everything had a friendly feeling; even the flowers and leaves turned toward you and the sky was aglow with infinite refreshment, that feeling of complete renewal of your tired mind, your weary flesh, and your clogged spirit. Walk as you would enjoying a rose garden, hear the fountains of goodness and the birds of joy singing.

There; that is a clumsy idea of what you will find when you slip through that door into his presence, but the mind of man is so constituted that he has to be told and retold and reminded that there is a door all the time, every hour of the twenty-four.
I am the way, the truth and the life. Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden. Seek and ye shall find. My peace I give unto you.

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02/25/2019 at 5:13 pm

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Keep free of all things

Keep free of all things

Strange and surprising elements are in all of us, beyond our understanding and largely unknown to us — wisely so, for we can only bear the knowledge when revealed to us little by little. Therefore when you find yourselves storming and fretful, tempted to despair by an unexpected revelation, examine it coolly and then pray.
Prayer and intelligence — intelligence and prayer. From inspired voices have come sayings so supercharged with truth that you would be awakened in a flash if you were sensitive enough to realize their full content. One is, “God helps those who help themselves” and it has become such a commonplace that hardly anyone hears it.
But if you can hear it, you will receive deep satisfaction. The questioning, the self-examination, is not a fretful conscience nor a stricken, anxious tidying of the mind. It should be rather a simple question, “Have I this day realized who I am, where I am going, how much I walk alone, how much I walk not alone? How much have I listened? How much have I realized? Is my shield polished to hold off the poisoned arrows of life’s dangers and alarms? Can I hold my soul within my soul?
Can I be awake to the divine whisper or am I sound asleep? Am I strong, built on a foundation of silence? Am I myself, a son of God, one-pointed, using the wisdom, the knowledge and the inspiration vouchsafed me to live with my fellow men in the troublesome world of confusion, despair and baffling mysteries? Am I vigilant so that when false or sly emotion and sentimentalities sweep over me I can rise above them and see them revealed in all their dangers? What do I want, then? What is my journey? How far have I stepped this day, this hour?”
These questions are some of the safe tools; clear and clean your minds with them and you will indeed be illumined and safe in a terrifying world.
Simple exercises are good for this time, and simple images are quieting to the mind. Stand naked, free of all things, greeds and appetites. Keep a balance, but keep free of all things. Even while working in groups, keep free of entangling details. Keep faithful with quiet, every moment counts. Allow no treachery of thought. Walk in the garments of immortality now. Keep invisible and indeed have no vain imaginings of fear or doubt.
Trusting is part of your role; trust in peace, merriment and confidence. Wear garments of joy without fearful anticipations. Look upon the quiet of the hills, early morning light, a candle untroubled by the wind and let them be to you reminders of your task. Keep in the very center, safe and a power for victory, healing and peace.
Keep aware of eternal values as compared to relative values. Keep your naked intent and never forget your direction. By this one thing is meant, live in the awareness of the love of Christ for you, for by so doing you obey his word and give light and peace to the world through him.

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Children of the Way

Children of the Way

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Yes, there seems to be a heavy dismaying delay in the outer world, as if the waters of material life were in heavy tide and the times were frozen. And yet you, as children of the Way, have been secretly freed from fear as you have advanced in your invisible selves.

The paradox is puzzling to many who journey upon this road, that great revelation and joy often cometh in times of seeming darkness, obstruction and difficulty. In periods of confusion those who live in the invisible while in the visible world can be as yeast, the ferment, the center of the light which is illuminating the dark places, because they remain in peace and are quietly and gently instructed. And by instruction I mean the only form it could take, that of feeling the actual Presence, the reality of the helping guiding spirit.

As you well know, when novices attempt to push forward through their own effort and fresh enthusiasm the world opposes. This is true in art and all human endeavor – that when a positive move is made an obstruction is met. The question then is, Will the challenge dismay and discourage?

In the material world the successful ones are not dismayed but gather more strength, win more victories. But the young soul with its new perceptions half revealed, a little overconfident because he is not on guard against the outer you, goes down in a cloud of chilling doubt, for the world is grim indeed to those sensitive souls just awakening.


When you go beyond the point of perception, the burden is lifted for the first time. Remain steadfast! Return to childlike simplicity and doubt not. Are you not aware that there is a no-man’s-land between your periods of invisible at-one-ment, your holy communion, your sense of reliance in these heavenly moments, and the contact with the impinging material world with its laws of time and place, events and confusions?
It is indeed hard to remain there and remember across the no-man’s-land to this place of creative power and serenity. What has happened, and why you have felt the protection of peace, is that the no-man’s-land is narrowing, you remain closer to your place of safety and you are able to bring beams of light to your material world.

You have asked to be spiritual beings; do you know what spirituality is? It is a loftiness, a sustaining, august, fiery, yet still presence. Can you carry this feeling across no-man’s-land and hold it in your spiritually-evaporating outside life? Whatever happens, stand in thy full spiritual stature and deny everything that is not of God; nothing will then have power over you except your highest conception.

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02/23/2019 at 12:02 pm

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Keep the contact

Keep the contact

Let us consider the past years when in the beginning we met through these communions. Like children you half believed it. It remained to you as definite as a story in symbol, instantly forgotten. You were brought back again and led away by events, the little events of daily life; great events bring you back quickly, but inertias smother you. Within the mind the spiritual entity was nebulous, out of focus, but it has gradually become more defined and this communion easier, yet it is still difficult for you to live your daily lives in awareness always of the infinite beauty that never leaves you, no matter if the mind is turned away from it. The magnet of the life about you, what you call actuality, is so absorbing the contact is broken, though for shorter periods, and the divine power is now so established that it draws you back, but it would be well for you to study yourselves objectively in this matter.

This awareness should not be a divided thing, feeling him one time and then having long intervals of forgetfulness. It is rather that you feel him within you, beside you and about you actually while in different environments. Keep the contact if you can as an undertone or overtone; carry your stillness with you. Instead of walking with God you so often walk with feverish thought which tires you and lowers your vitality and resistance. Where are the thoughts of yesterday, last month, last year? Where are the busy exciting interests of the past decade gone?

You know that the communions in stillness have not gone, they have remained, each adding more and more power and understanding to the realization of the diving Presence; this you bear witness to, that each withdrawal from the world of appearances to the world of eternal love has been a building of a structure, a living invisible temple not made with hands, and each withdrawal was a stone chiseled and squared that you placed in position until the edifice is high and strong and good. Yes, indeed silence, profound silence, deeper than thought, deeper than your five senses, deeper than any experience you have known will grow more and more powerful and the Word will be made flesh to heal and straighten your lives and bring you abundance of peace in these days of war. Do not underestimate how important this is, for by living with this divine source of peace you help to restore it to the world. Abide in the very core, the secret place of the most High. No orders are given you, for this must be done through love which will give you inward fortitude. Be dismayed by nothing.

Keep this inward contact secure in your outward living for this is being in the ark of salvation, and this is the way to keep yourselves channels for the Spirit to pour through to those who walk in darkness. Hold your light high by being faithful and abiding in his words.

Written by Tom Fox

02/22/2019 at 3:06 pm

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You will come to this place

You will come to this place

It may be helpful for you to consider the fact that to permit stupid thoughts to dwell and slip through the mind is as dangerous as to let sharp delicate tools slip through the fingers. Therefore the old practice of self-examination is recommended if it is made with clean, concentrated thinking that challenges one’s words and deeds during the miniature life of a day, thus planning for the future. See and realize the strange unreasonable elements that seem to come from nowhere; shades of savagery born from self-pity, the constant over-sweet voice that indulges the self, condoning excuses. There is much degeneration due to emotional storms, even though they are secret storms, that needs the strong tools of creative, intelligent thought to clear away. Yes, build yourselves a practical, efficient, spiritually-hard working instrument that will live your life for you more easily, in balance, so that you will walk sure-footed through states of emotion. When you are stung by a hurt, an unreasonableness, a delay, watch your response; take it out and look at it. You are to think your way out. Now that you are more aware of divine assistance, cease from being fools, for the wise man is he who when he prays for wisdom and receives it, acts upon it. Many pray, receive and do not recognize it. Pray that you may realize the tools of thought-recognize them-when they are put shining into your hands. There are no excuses in this realm.

This is not preaching in the old scolding way; this is awakening in your consciousness the inspiration of knowing that you can overcome the world; you cannot overcome the world by formless prayer, although I would not confuse you by implying that you have to put prayer always into words. It is the deep intent, the idea, that carries power; the shape of a cup shapes the substance it contains. That is why the emotion behind a word does not always bring what we expect or desire. It is not enough to say “my kingdom is not of this world.” That is a truth, a noble and divine theme, a statement of intent. What matters is how are you going to prove there is a kingdom within you in which you are a crowned king? Your life is not placed in a palace, but in a very restricted, irritated small area of reality where you meet the heat and cold of public opinion, delays and obstructions, jealousies, malice, lacks, boredom and strain. It is not enough to say “my kingdom is not of this world” and not arrange your thoughts accordingly. An awakening is taking place, a dawning, for the time is approaching when you will realize that you cannot advance spiritually unless you act upon the wisdom given you, instead of receiving, of hearing the voice and then doing nothing about it.

Out of humanity have come such realizations because every human who has made this journey has come to this place, this time of understanding, when he sees that acting upon the revelation that has come to him is the only way he can win to victory.
Here is a prayer for thy comfort: “I stand in the light of the Spirit knowing that this tired flesh is not the reality of myself. In this light I stand, aware of immortality now. I will dedicate my waking hours to the realization of this Presence and the knowledge that I am never alone. Thou art with me always and thou art my refreshment.”

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02/22/2019 at 8:03 am

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Assurance of your protection

Assurance of your protection

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You can completely dissolve and blow away the cloud of anxiety if by your concentrated one-pointedness you keep aware of the power of the Spirit. Let there be an awareness so deep it is as if it were in the center of a block of granite, secretly hidden, but held fast. The discomfort of fear will naturally discipline you to be one-pointed by the force of its attack so be one-pointed first. At this time be determined, with all your forces, to be more aware of your inner spiritual companionship and protection; stand aware of your invincible godhood in the Christ within, then fear will recede and order will come in its place. But you must not be half awake mentally. Those who win do not deviate; and so your energies at this life-creating moment must be used to keep yourself undisturbed in God’s power. Do not let the moments go by you unlighted.

You sometimes wonder why certain things are given you to bear; do not, for it is a waste of time. Put your desire, your pent-up feeling, into the pure desire of being with him, and watch during the day the extraordinary waste of thinking that unmans and weakens. It is the discipline of one’s thoughts that matters, the turning inward and resting in that deep center where all is still and safe and sure. Great is the companionship and the peace of so doing, and be sure you know you are doing your best.

Receive in quiet the assurance of your protection.

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With eye turned inward

With eye turned inward

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The frail life which is yours sets forth upon its journey weak and helpless, passing through storms and changes, strange unlockings unknown to your consciousness. Things hardly realized, influences beyond your conception make cross currents upon your destiny, upon this frail life which like a leaf blown high into the sky crosses mountains and valleys. In your day and times this life seems meaningless, terrifying and full of suffering, violent and easily brushed across the veil because of a thousand menacing dangers. The purpose of the inward struggles for integrity, to live, even to simply exist, stupefies the philosophers who like all the rest grope blindfolded through the first human stages, for the mystery is not revealed at once, but day by day, little by little and only to the seeker. I hear you say, “If I am in communion with the celestial influences, the Holy Spirit, why is my path not made smooth and why does it not bring about the instant destiny of my endeavor? Why is there this impenetrable wall between me and my aspiration and its fulfillment?”
Think. To fulfill any enterprise means that you meet other destinies also behind impenetrable walls, filled with emotions, desires, attributes different from your own. No wonder, therefore, that your little leaf is swirled high into the storms and revolts of other human destinies. This way is dark, the road hard and flinty and no one can free himself from the question Why? Why? The events of your times, stages in human personalities of those with whom you must march, add to your darkness and confusion. Under these circumstances of human living great can be the loneliness and the suffering. Life is awful indeed in its greater sense. But the hope and the wonder is that a change comes, a dawning, when you reach a place, when you step forward and choose wisely. You have acted upon your choice, you have stood your ground and have not weakened so that we can tell you to walk confidently carrying your dawning with you. Within you is the dawn, within you is the light, within you is the freedom, therefore with eye turned inward you are safe. Perhaps I speak to you behind many horizons but I can tell you that great is your hold upon the impenetrable secret which you have seized like children, not fully understanding, but with an instinct for this bright jewel which is all you really have. This dawn that you carry, clearing, clarifying, refreshing, is all that is needed for you. Live in it, abide in it, then let the leaves of your life blow free and high and you will find a true direction, a true control, ordered and inspired. “No harm shall come nigh thee” indeed, while you walk this Way, and the far-reaching of the Light you trust in is boundless and unknown to you as you sit here in this hour, in this century, in this universe.
Why you must not trouble yourselves with whys and wherefores is because it is a waste of time. You will be taught and learn as you go and as our need arises; and believe me, the fantastic heights of human knowledge are as nothing compared to the childlike instinct you have to go through all knowledge, all concepts to seize Light itself at its zenith. This is the known quantity. Seize and hold eternally to the highest and your feet will be guided through eternity, for it is your childlike faith that keeps your universe together.

Written by Tom Fox

02/20/2019 at 10:57 am

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