The Learning Curve

New tricks for an old dog.

We are siamese, if you please . . . .

If you need more explanation, that’s a cat draped over my shoulder. . . or, as I told some friends, this is proof that every once in a while I do get some tail.

I enjoy cats so much, I’ve even gotten interested in cat jewelry.  The collection includes a selection of fine panther jewelry.   And, it is a good thing that I love cats so much.  Otherwise I’d be tempted to do bad things to the demanding critters. I also have a selection of cat jewelry in a Squidoo Lens – Gold cat jewelry.

Thus the open secret of my life-long love for cats. A recent addition to the family is Merkel. The idea was to call her ‘Miracle,’ but I objected to a cat with a three-syllable name. Since this is Kentucky, and we tend to pronounce words a little differently, ‘Merkel’ was suggested.

‘Merkel’ is how the word ‘miracle’ is pronounced around here. Two syllables. Mer-kell. Nice and simple.

To see this remarkable fur-ball, here is a slide show: Merkel: The early days.


Written by Tom Fox

09/01/2006 at 5:31 pm

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