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Practically every author on Internet marketing that I’ve read advises getting your own domain name on a paid server. This is probabaly good advice, but as with much good advice, it is incomplete. Every Internet service providers that I have experience with provides between 5 and 7 email accounts with basic service, and with each different email account the ISP also provides personal webspace with at least 50 megabytes of storage.

The good advice to get a professionally hosted web domain does not imply that you should ignore the personal web spaces that you are already paying for.

Although Google does not index many free web spaces, such as those provided at Yahoo Geocities for example, it does index personal web spaces provided by IPS’s like Earthlink, ATT, AOL, etc.

As an example, a little personal site I created a few years ago on a VERY obscure topic has achieved and maintained number one ranking on Google search with no effort on my part, other than making the pages and submitting the site, simply because nobody else is interested in the topic and there isn’t any money in it.

Check it out for yourself. Search on “Little Leather Library,” or click direct:

Little Leather Library

I use my main personal page to be sure that my other web spaces and blogs always have at least one link. Tom Fox’s Home Page.


Written by Tom Fox

12/17/2006 at 10:38 am

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