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New tricks for an old dog. has given up on dial-up?

I just noticed that pages are now typically 500 Kb, or more, in size. The one product page sample I saved to disk had an html file that was nearly 300 Kb by itself, not including graphics. Out of curiosity I dusted off my 56k modem, and on a dial-up connection the download of an typical page took about 75 seconds, just as the math would suggest.

Subjectively, it seemed like it took forever.

This is no problem for the mainstream Internet community, which takes broadband connections for granted. Still, there are yet millions of people in the US who do not have fast connections at home, and who probably do not have any Internet access at work. Maybe this is the same group of people who never buy books at all, off-line or on, and for whom’s super-sized web pages are not a problem.

Whatever it means, it is clear enough that is not catering to that party. There is no logical reason I can think of why pages have to be that big.


Written by Tom Fox

12/21/2006 at 12:05 pm

Posted in Internet Marketing

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