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Inappropriate Fragmentation

I was looking at an online poll, somewhere, earlier today, about making money with an Internet business, and the poll asked: “Which is most important to you, (1) Internet Marketing; (2) Search Engine Optimization, or: (3) Web Page Design. I began to feel queasy, but without understanding exactly why. The poll seemed simple enough, on its face, but it was a stumper for me and I moved on to other things.

Now, these many hours later, I’m chewing my cud, so to speak, and it strike me . . . Hey! wait a minute!

The purpose of search engine optimization is for search engine marketing, which is surely part of Internet marketing, and SEO is heavily dependent upon web page design, so that too is part of Internet marketing, so . . .

The whole thing was based upon false distinctions. “I want to do Internet marketing, but don’t bother me with SEO or web design issues?”



Written by Tom Fox

12/23/2006 at 2:08 am

Posted in Internet Marketing

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