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Whitespace is nice, but . . .

Seth sez: “George points us to Empathica, pointing out how clueful the copy on the home page seems to be. I was impressed by all the white space and how calm and professional the site appears . . . .” With one hand tied behind your back

Whitespace is nice, but . . .

. . . . fixing the font size at 10px (10 pixels!) is retarded!

. . . . using tables (tables!) for this page design is retarded!

. . . . Hijacking my browser (Firefox 2, anyway) so that I cannot use my “Back” button to leave the site makes my blood boil!

I guess it’s just one of those days. After Christmas coming down blues.

(Later, that same day . . . I’m kinda sorry I wrote this.  Who am I to be critical of professional web designers?  Nobody has ever paid me to design a web page, not that I want that as a job.  It’s just that . . . sometimes . . . I feel this urge to let loose with what I really think, as nasty as it is.  Today is the day.)


Written by Tom Fox

12/27/2006 at 12:43 pm

Posted in Web Design

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  1. While you can’t fix the fact that people use tables to design and javascript to “hijack” your back button – by using firefox you can fix the 10px problem at least.

    And it’s fine to be critical of web designers. While part of it is artistic vision, we have to realize it’s the user that ends up spending most of the time with our work. As the old saying goes “the customer is always right.”

    Unfortunately, not many “customers” – i.e. users – are as aware of the back end technicalities as you are.

    Nice blog.


    12/28/2006 at 9:41 am

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