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The power of suggestion

I read this on The Power of Thought blog today. Yahoo puts marketing muscle into climate campaign.

“Yahoo, Inc. . . . is on Monday introducing Yahoo Green, an online education program ( that will offer users the latest environmental news, consumer tips and ways to be personally and socially active in combating climate change . . . .”

This is all very nice and useful, but Yahoo could also scour its many web properties for little incandescent light bulb graphics used to symbolize a bright idea, and replace them with little compact fluorescent light bulb graphics. Google and Amazon could do the same.

Here’s an example from the Google Analytics page as it is now:

Google incandescent

This is how it could be:

Google fluorescent

The incandescent light bulb is a Nineteenth Century invention. Through the decades the image of an incandescent light bulb has come to be accepted as a symbol for inspired thinking.

The time has come for the image of an incandescent bulb to symbolize backward and outdated thinking. It is time for the image of an incandescent bulb to be retired from use by graphic designers around the world.

Symbolists of the world unite! Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me in resisting the tyranny of the past!

(end soapbox mode)

Written by Tom Fox

05/13/2007 at 6:06 pm

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