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New tricks for an old dog.

We are the frog

Learning means change, and it frequently happens that change creeps up upon us in imperceptible increments. It is noticed only by remembering how things were last month, last year, or before, and comparing that with the present state of affairs. Probably the best known metaphor for this idea involves boiling frogs. The gist of it is, if you increase the temperature of the water gradually, the frog is cooked before it realizes it.

I have a higher regard for the native intelligence of frogs than to wholly believe this story, but I’m not going to try boiling a frog to find out for sure.

However, if you are old enough to remember the time when the distinction between fresh baked bread and day-old bread was of considerable culinary and commercial significance, it seems that you have the very same idea presented in a slightly different way. When did the idea of day-old bread become passé, and what strange science made its passing possible?

We are the frog.


Written by Tom Fox

05/18/2007 at 5:49 am

Posted in Change, Learning

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