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I’ve noticed some carping that Google AdSense may be under-reporting, and under-paying for, ad clicks. See: Yahoo, MyBlogLog & Google AdSense Click Tracking.

Turning to the Google AdSense policy explanation, we find the following:

“You can receive earnings for valid clicks on cost-per-click (CPC) ads and valid impressions on cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) ads.”

1. Not all AdSense ads are pay-per-click. Some are for impressions, in which case the actual clicks are not a factor in determining compensation to the AdSense publisher.

2. Google AdSense does not pay for “clicks,” it pays for “valid clicks.” Alas, nobody but Google knows what that means, exactly. But, if I were designing the system, I think that the amount of time that was spent on the target advertiser’s landing page would be an important factor, and there would be a minimum amount of time spent to qualify a click as a “valid click.”

Raw data is subject to various interpretations.


Written by Tom Fox

05/23/2007 at 9:56 am

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