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Seth Godin’s “The Dip”

Try as I might, I have a really hard time not liking Seth Godin. He seems to be a thoroughly decent human being. He’s witty, insightful, articulate, and he is a master communicator. His most recent book, The Dip, is a triumph of simplification.

Many, I suspect, will complain that The Dip is an over-simplification, but I hardly think that is possible for Seth’s target market. Seth talks to the over-achieving and perhaps the over-ambitious among us for whom reading a book outside their field is a big scheduling problem.

Seth takes a single and extremely important idea and hammers it home. The idea is this: No matter what you do in this life, sooner or later you will encounter resistance and opposition . . . so learn to expect “the dip” and learn how to deal with it constructively.

Please don’t bother to tell me that this idea is obvious. I already know that it is obvious. But, our nation’s recent military adventures have demonstrated that the obvious is frequently much too easy to ignore. I wish that our esteemed national leaders had read The Dip, and had taken its lessons to heart, rather than be seduced by the allure of wishful thinking.

Buying books for other people is a tricky business, unless you know them quite well. However, The Dip has such wide application and it is such an easy read, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t appreciate it. Definitely give a copy to your boss and to everyone on your team.

Buy it, read it, and then pass it along to someone else. It is designed for just that use.

Written by Tom Fox

05/24/2007 at 9:33 am

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