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Really simple RSS . . . really

In January I learned that the eBay advanced search page could embed an affiliate tracking ID in the search results, and the ID would also be included in an eBay RSS feed based upon that search. I’ve been slowly gnawing away at understanding how to include a RSS feed on my website ever since, for the most part. Sometimes it would gnaw on me. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is conceptually simple, but in practice it’s not so simple at all.

This weekend I discovered that PHP v. 5 had new XML parsing functionality built in, and I stumbled upon a very useful article by Elliotte Rusty Harold, SimpleXML processing with PHP.

The sample code provided in this article works unaltered and straight out of the box with the eBay RSS feed. Here’s an example.

Naturally, I will go in and make it more pretty, but it meets my basic criteria for a successful solution: It works, it’s easy, and it’s cheap.

PS. Also read: A warning about RSS quickies


Written by Tom Fox

05/28/2007 at 11:11 am

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