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The simplicity of the solution

It finally dawned on me why scripts or programs used to read RSS and XML files are so complicated. Programmers tend to approach the problem by designing for an encounter with any and all files, to read files written for any specification, and which deal with files that aren’t valid. It is the difficult task of designing a Swiss army knife piece of software that is useful and behaves nicely in all circumstances.

God bless programmers. I’m glad I’m not one myself. I can’t qualify for the hair-pulling part of the job specification, having hardly any left to spare.

All I want is a PHP script that can read and manipulate one type of XML file, and one type only, which is the type generated by eBay.

This, I think, I can pull off. Once I learn a little more about programming with PHP.


Written by Tom Fox

05/30/2007 at 7:54 am

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