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I’ve seen stranger things

I’ve seen stranger things, but this is the winner for today, so far.

Opened a new jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, and found this on the lid:

Hellmanns Lid

It says: “What’s ‘Real Food’ mean to you? Go to Yahoo! and search ‘Real Food’ to join the conversation.”

So, I went, I searched, I saw, and I departed.  Other than the questionable use of the contraction “what’s” in the first sentence of the lid label, the thing that struck me most was the fact that I had never ever given the slightest thought how to come up with a new and sexy way to market mayonnaise.  But if ever I did, this probably would not have been my first suggestion.


Written by Tom Fox

09/03/2007 at 10:47 am

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