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I’ve seen that before – out of the fog of oblivion

I know that I have seen Avinash Kaushik’s book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day before. The reason I know for sure that I’ve seen it before is because it is a title I added to my wish list a few months ago. I don’t remember putting it on my wish list, but there it is, and I’m sure that I have not given this particular title any thought whatsoever since adding it to my wish list, back then.

I had simply forgotten about it.

I was reading about Google Analytics on Seth’s blog just now. The short blog entry had a link to a more detailed SquidWho page about Google Analytics. I thought to myself, “Wow! I recognize SquidWho. I’ve seen it before.”

But I had forgotten about that too.

About halfway down the SquidWho Google Analytics page was Seth’s recommendation of Kaushik’s book, Web Analytics.

I thought to myself, “Wow! I recognize the book. I’ve seen it before, but forgot about it.

So, I followed the link to and clicked to add the book to my wish list, except that it was already on my wish list. I had also forgotten about that.

I did a quick inner survey of mood, schedule, current interests, barometric pressure, credit card balance, phase of the moon, and I decided, what the heck I’ll go ahead and order it. And so I did.

Then I telephoned a friend. We normally have lunch together once or twice a month, but I hadn’t seen her since early August. She asked, “What have you been up to, Tom?”

I was shocked for a moment. She doesn’t know. A close friend of mine doesn’t know about all the important and interesting projects I’ve been working long hours on. Or, maybe she just forgot!

What type of whiz-bang, marketing savvy, entrepreneurial wannabe am I anyway?

I forgot to remind my friends!


Written by Tom Fox

09/14/2007 at 11:49 am

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