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Are you a zombie?

Evil spirits can infect computers connected to the internet and cause them to do bad things, like send spam emails. Such an infected computer or server is called a zombie computer, and it’s usefulness to the zombie master depends upon the infection going undetected by you.

But, the anti-spam warriors will know, and the reputation of your domain or IP address will suffer. The anti-spam warriors can’t tell if your domain is the source of the spam, or merely an unwitting dupe. Whether you are a zombie master or a zombie slave, your reputation will suffer, and your important emails might not be delivered.

However, you can easily check your domain’s reputation at

All I know about is what it says about itself:

Secure Computing® TrustedSource(TM) is a global threat correlation engine and intelligence base of global messaging and communication behavior, including reputation, volume, and trends, including email, web traffic and malware. Having evolved to become a worldwide communications security resource, TrustedSource(TM) reputation and global Internet communications behavior intelligence is incorporated into products across Secure Computing’s appliance and service suite, as well as into appliances and services of other companies and organizations. The additional knowledge provided by TrustedSource(TM) data enables appliances and services to more accurately filter communications and protect electronic communications and transactions between people, companies and countries.

Written by Tom Fox

09/17/2007 at 6:36 am

Posted in Email Spam

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