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The PDF file format is one of my personal favorites, and when I’m presented with information on the web in PDF format, I generally save it to my own disk space for future reference or printing.

There are two essential considerations to remember when naming PDF files intended for distribution on the web:

1.  Use descriptive file names.  Unless your constituency is still using Windows 3.1, you have a fair number of characters  available for use in file names.  “Transactional_email.pdf” is really more useful and friendly then is “2260.pdf.”

2. Don’t use white spaces in file names.  On my system, white space in filenames on the web get translated into “%20” sequences.  It’s not horrible, but it is ugly. “Transactional_email.pdf” or “Transactional%20email.pdf”, take your pick.  My preference is the former.


Written by Tom Fox

09/22/2007 at 8:10 am

Posted in PDF, Web Design

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