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Believing your own hype

A few years ago a well-known maker of Worcestershire sauce was faced with the problem of stagnate sales. The company’s employees were challenged with a contest to come up with ideas how to solve the sales problem, and the winning suggestion was elegantly simple – enlarge the size of the opening in the Worcestershire sauce bottle so that more sauce flowed out with less effort.

LA Hot SauceI was recently intrigued by Louisiana brand hot sauce, and its slogan “One drop does it.”

I bought a bottle and tried it out on a bowl of black beans and onion.  A reasonable shake of the bottle delivered almost exactly one drop of hot sauce.  Alas, one drop was not nearly enough for my taste, and I’m fairly timid with hot sauce, as those things go.

I can imagine what was going through the design team’s collective thinking as they struggled to find the precise bottle opening size to deliver one drop, and one drop only.   The label says, “One drop does it,” so the design goal is to deliver one drop and no more.  Better consult with legal.  What if someone accidentally gets two drops and dies a painful death from hot sauce overdose.  We would surely be liable for allowing that to happen.

On the back of the bottle is a recipe for Louisiana hot chicken wings that calls for ten tablespoons of hot sauce.  I simply cannot imagine the amount of time and effort that would be required to shake out ten tablespoons of sauce from that bottle.  I’m not ever going to try.

I like Louisiana brand hot sauce just fine.  The slogan, “One drop does it,” simply isn’t true, and I hate the bottle.

Written by Tom Fox

10/18/2007 at 11:52 am

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