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Telling tales

Seth says, “You can’t tell two stories at the same time.” Meatball Sundae VII
I guess he means that if you tell two contradictory stories these days, you’re bound to get caught and exposed. Not to mention being laughed at.

I am telling several different stories right now, and they don’t seem to collide or cause me any trouble. I just generally make a point of not getting confused about who I’m talking to, and what their interests are, at any given time and venue.

For example, this blog was started mainly for the purpose ofme learning the ins and outs of WordPress, and my posts have mostly focused on marketing and technical web issues. No doubt these are very important topics for me, but it isn’t very important to me to write about them. I really don’t want to take the time to become a recognized expert in the field.

It goes without saying that I’d like to BE an expert in internet marketing and technical issues, so that I can put that knowledge to use in other areas, such as progressive religion and spirituality. That is where my main interest is.

So, I have a few sites dedicated to A Course in Miracles, and the ACIM Directory, as well as another blog, the Miracle Course Journal, but I don’t discuss them here for the simple reason that the handful of individuals who might stumble upon this blog likely have zero interest in that topic.

So, sure, you can tell many different stories.  It’s just risky to talk out of both sides of your face when you do it.  The stories have to be congruent, or unrelated.

Written by Tom Fox

11/05/2007 at 12:44 pm

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