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Odd illusions

I’m a big fan of optical illusions. I found one the other day that blew me away.

The illusion is constructed as an animated .gif file showing the silhouette of a trim young woman spinning on one foot, with her other foot extended out in front of her. The question is this: Is she rotating clockwise or is she rotating counter-clockwise?

The first time you look at this rotating figure, you will see it one way or another. The illusion is to think the way you see it is the only way it can bee seen.

It isn’t!

It is entirely possible to see the figure rotating in either direction.

The only trick is to know that this is possible!

If I had not been told that it was possible to see this figure rotating either clockwise OR counter-clockwise, as a matter of volitional choice, I never would have known it. I never would have discovered it on my own.

The biggest difficulty is to overcome my belief that the way I see it is the only way it can be seen. It takes a little effort.

Check it out.


Written by Tom Fox

11/23/2007 at 8:04 am

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