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Lost in a linguistic fog

Ten years ago they were commonly called undocumented aliens.  Calling someone an alien is none too friendly, but the name at least pointed in the direction of a reasonable solution.  In these terms it is easy to think that any document that would serve to identify an individual, such as a drivers license, would be useful to transform an undocumented alien into, well . . . a documented alien.

Surely that would be an improvement.

Then, sometime after 9/11 I woke up from a daze and discovered that those folks I had previously thought of as undocumented aliens had morphed and were now known as illegal aliens.

Obviously, an illegal alien is a totally different critter.  Actually, he or she is not a critter at all.  Varmint is the right word.  An illegal anything, simply due to the inherent nature of illegality, is criminal.

It is obviously a big problem to have millions of morally reprehensible criminals running around in our midst unrepentant and unpunished.  It tears at the moral fabric of the nation, and it is a corrosive influence that must be eliminated.

I actually heard this on TV tonight.  The moral problem of criminal aliens among us.

Naturally the first step in any long term solution is to secure our borders.  That’s a nice sounding phrase for an utterly impossible and pointless, but otherwise excessively expensive,  undertaking.


Written by Tom Fox

01/30/2008 at 10:47 pm

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