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Praise for the half-assed

“First, I don’t want to use a tool unless I’m going to use it really well. Doing any of these things halfway is worse than not at all.”

Seth Godin – Not Seth Godin

I’m just the opposite.

I try a lot of different tools in an exceedingly half-assed way, just to get a feel for how they work, or if they work at all.  The Internet is littered with various projects that I’ve started and dropped altogether, or I have neglected for months at a time.

Of course, I’m not a best-selling author with a bazillion readers hanging on my every word either, so most of my failed or neglected projects go unnoticed, or at least go un-commented upon.

There are quite a few out there who are just waiting for Seth to fall flat on his face.  It’s the price of success.  The lime light is unkind.

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Written by Tom Fox

02/03/2008 at 12:19 pm

Posted in Learning, Seth Godin


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