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Who’s the boss here, anyway?

When future historians finally get access to what’s left of the paper trail of the Bush White House, they will likely conclude what many already know.

The real President for the last seven years has not been George W. Bush, it has actually been Dick Cheney.

The need to conceal this troubling fact is rapidly evaporating, as George W. slides off to his ultimate resting place in the bad joke department.  We catch a glimpse today as the man behind the curtain thumbs his nose at the pretense of being a loyal subordinate.

The Washington Post reports today that Dick Cheney has signed on to a legal brief filed by members of Congress urging the Supreme Court to hold the District of Columbia’s handgun ban to be unconstitutional.  That position is contrary to the Bush administration’s official position filed by the Justice Department.

According to the Washington Post, “Lawyers said it may be unprecedented for a vice president to take a position in a case before the high court that is at odds with one the Justice Department puts forward as the administration’s official position. “


Written by Tom Fox

02/09/2008 at 11:46 am

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