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Can Republicans vote in the North Carolina Democratic primary?

There seems to be some confusion and bad information floating around about this question, and I don’t know why. The answer is clear. The answer is ‘no‘.

Voters registered as Republicans in North Carolina cannot vote in the upcoming state Democratic preference primary.

North Carolina General Statute 163-213.7

Voting in presidential preference primary; ballots.

The names of all candidates in the presidential preference primary shall appear at an appropriate place on the ballot or voting machine. In addition the State Board of Elections shall provide a category on the ballot or voting machine allowing voters in each political party to vote an “uncommitted” or “no preference” status. The voter shall be able to cast his ballot for one of the presidential candidates of a political party or for an “uncommitted” or “no preference” status, but shall not be permitted to vote for candidates or “uncommitted” status of a political party different from his registration. Persons registered as “Unaffiliated” shall not participate in the presidential primary except as provided in G.S. 163-119.

NC-GS 163-213.7


Written by Tom Fox

04/08/2008 at 9:51 am

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