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Selling advice by phone

Although psychic and relationship advisers seem to be in the greatest supply on the Keen site, if you can navigate past all that and get to the Professional Services section, you’ll see that accountants, life coaches, business advisers, dietitians, and a variety of computer geeks are selling their expertise over the phone through Keen Personal Advisor.

Or, skip all the technical mumbo-jumbo and go straight to the meat of the problem and get a free psychic reading. While you’re asking the psychic about your marketing problem, also please ask if the psychic on the other end of the line is making any money through this system.

I plan to check this out and report the details later. I’m sure that Keen has it set up so that it, as the middle man, makes money, but I’m curious to figure out if the person providing the service can make money.

I’m no psychic, so it may take a while.


Written by Tom Fox

04/08/2008 at 2:52 pm

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