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Can independents vote in North Carolina primary?

Yes. North Carolina voters registered as independent or unaffiliated can vote in the upcoming Democratic Presidental primary on May 6.

NC General Statute 163-119 provides:

“If a political party has, by action of its State Executive Committee reported to the State Board of Elections by resolution delivered no later than the first day of December preceding a primary, provided that unaffiliated voters may vote in the primary of that party, an unaffiliated voter may vote in the primary of that party by announcing that intention under G.S. 163‑166.7(a). . . .”

NC General Statute 163-166.7(a) provides:

” . . . . In a primary election, that voter shall also be asked to state, and shall state, the political party with which the voter is affiliated or, if unaffiliated, the authorizing party in which the voter wishes to vote. After examination, that official shall state whether that voter is duly registered to vote in that precinct . . . . “

The North Carolina Democratic Party states:

“In North Carolina, unaffiliated voters are permitted to vote in the Democratic primary. However, if an unaffiliated voter chooses to vote in the Democratic primary, he or she cannot vote in a Republican runoff (or second primary). Similarly, an unaffiliated voter who votes in a Republican primary cannot vote in a Democratic runoff.”


Written by Tom Fox

04/25/2008 at 7:44 pm

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