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VistaPrint’s up-selling and cross-selling gauntlet

I like VistaPrint quite a bit, but its relentless marketing can be a bit tedious. The basic strategy seems to be to hook you on the low end and build profitability through add-ons and upgrades. VistaPrint has built this into its checkout process, resulting in many more screens and steps than what is the norm.
VistaPrint checkout

Although what is shown here is first of ten steps! in the checkout process for VistaPrint’s “free” business card offer, the system works the same for any order. Don’t you want more? We can send you email with valuable offers. What about backside printing? Want thicker cardstock? A glossy finish is nice. How about a matching t-shit, business card holder, return address stamp (offered twice), imprinted ball point pen, or an electronic business card? Did you know we can host your web site? Our partners sell postage meters, and Google adwords are something to think about.

Then VistaPrint works to up-sell you on delivery time. Don’t doubt it makes money on your impatience too.

Oy! I’m worn out just thinking about it.


Written by Tom Fox

05/20/2008 at 9:17 am

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