The Learning Curve

New tricks for an old dog.

False learning curve

False Learning Curve

The idea of the false learning curve is essential, but painful. Maybe the only way to learn the concept is the hard way. The only place I’ve ever seen it mentioned is in Peter R. Scholtes excellent book The Leader’s Handbook: Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done.

Scholtes’ book discusses the false learning curve in a context of business management. Specifically, the process of adopting (or not) new management methods. Politely, the false learning curve is to the genuine learning curve as theory is to practice. Less politely, it is the gap between talking the talk and walking the walk. Without getting past the stage of talking the talk, or the false learning curve, nothing ever changes.

  1. False learning curve up-slope. Learning how to talk the talk.
  2. Plateau of practical incompetence, ended only by the realization of incompetence, if you notice that nothing has changed.
  3. The pit of practical ignorance. Also known as the dip.
  4. Genuine learning curve. Learning how to walk the walk.

The idea of the false learning curve applies to everything.

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Written by Tom Fox

05/29/2008 at 11:42 am

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