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We be monkey with your stuff

Why monkey with your stuff?

We monkey with your stuff because that is what we do. Because it’s possible. Si se puede.

The setup:

Except it didn’t fit!

The Squidoo Plexo sidebar widget was pre-set to a width of 200 pixels, and my blog sidebar is 250 pixels wide. Unhappy me.

The monkey:

  • So, we snoop the widget code . . .
  • and snitch the javascript . . .
  • and change the widget width . . .
  • and host the modified javascript somewhere else . . .
  • and voilà! Now we have a perfect fit! Happy me!

Oh no! Copyright police be busting down the door.


Can also place Plexo in another Squidoo lens, like here.


Written by Tom Fox

06/02/2008 at 9:52 am

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