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It has been, what? . . . maybe three years now since I replaced the kitchen lights with doodly bulbs (also known as compact fluorescent light bulbs). I’ve written about it here, and here too.  Not to mention here.

This morning one of the three lights was dark.  Well, I thought, it had to happen sometime.  Sooner or later these squiggly bulbs had to wear out, and today was the day for the first of them to go bad.

But, I was mistaken.  The bulb had come loose in the socket.  When I touched it lightly, it came alive and lit up. Onward we go.

Now, screw the future requires a bit of explanation.  It’s a play on words, you see.  First, the doodly-squiggly bulbs have the shape of a screw, or spiral.  Second, what do you do with a light bulb?  You screw it into a light socket, of course.

Get it?  When you screw in a doodly-squiggly compact fluorescent light bulb to replace an incandescent light bulb, you are screwing the future.

Question:  “Mommy, how many people does it take to change a Doodley Bulb?”

Answer: “I don’t know, darlin’. We’ve never had to change one.”


Written by Tom Fox

12/14/2008 at 9:37 am

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