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So it begins with garnishment law

The first step was to pick a field and then to pick a very specific topic. The field I selected was “credit card debt” contained within the general legal domain. “Credit card debt” is a fuzzy classification. A proper discussion and exposition of credit card debt necessarily involves questions of contract law, civil procedure, statutory interpretation, case law research and interpretation, bankruptcy law, multiple state jurisdictions, Federal preemption, debt collection practices, fair credit reporting, and issues of personal finance. Not to mention the whole issue of lawyers in general, and what to do with them.

It is too broad a ditch to span in one stride, so the beginning is with a more limited topic: Garnishment.

That is where the exploration and discussion starts – with Garnishment.

To that end, I have normalized, somewhat, the Garnishment statutes from five states: Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. The boring details are on Boring details,and the links to the specific post with the respective statutes are on Big Balls Law – Garnishment.

So far all of this is totally opaque, but it will take form in good time.


Written by Tom Fox

01/06/2009 at 3:07 pm

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