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Garnishment fraud

From the really bad legal advice department –

Wage garnishment by a creditor is one of the biggest indignities that a person can endure, short of being prosecuted for a crime.  In desperation to avoid wage garnishment, that is exactly the trade-off I’ve seen promoted on-line.

The scheme I’ve seen involves a fake wage garnishment to preempt a real wage garnishment.

Allow me to put it plainly.  These schemes are interstate criminal conspiracies to defraud.

If you think having your wages garnished is bad, it’s nothing compared to being hauled off in handcuffs by the F.B.I., so don’t do it.  It isn’t even a smart thing to do by criminal fraud standards.  You would be looked down on and laughed at in jail by the “can we seal your driveway cheap” drive-by scammers.

The scam works because in most states there can only be one wage garnishment at a time, and it is generally on a first come – first served basis.  A phony garnishment is cooked up to get to the courthouse first.  The wage garnishment is collected by the co-conspiring fraudster and it is then returned to the wage earner, minus a fee no doubt.  All legitimate garnishments are blocked while the phony garnishment is in operation.

The big bug in the soup is that for the phony garnishment to work at all, the real names and addresses of the co-conspirators  have to be on file with the court, so the cops know exactly where to arrest you.  This scheme is so transparent that my dear dead grandmother, bless her soul, could see through it from the grave.

It is breathtakingly stupid.

Let me repeat: DON’T DO IT!


Written by Tom Fox

03/01/2009 at 1:13 pm

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