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A growing underground debtor revolt brewing

I have recently noticed that low-income debtors are using the connectivity of the Internet to meet to share information and help each other deal with debt collectors.  It is a natural emergent development made possible with the new technology.  Of necessity, the type of help and advice that is being exchanged is technical and legal.  Some if the legal and strategic advice is quite good, most is average or below,  and some is dangerous.  Most of the advice I’ve seen on-line is pushing toward litigating debt collection claims in court.

Overall it is a healthy development, in my opinion, as a matter of general principle.  As a practical matter, if this trend continues to grow, the court system will be overwhelmed by pro se litigants in the very near future.

The system does not have the capacity to handle a large number of people insisting upon their legitimate legal rights.  But since it takes two, babe, if those who sought to take unfair advantage mended their ways, the courts would face a much reduced threat of being swamped.

Education and empowerment are two effective ways to reduce fear and boost productivity, for fear has been said to be a mind-killer.


Written by Tom Fox

03/03/2009 at 12:59 pm

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