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Clay Shirky is not dead

That my perception of the present is based almost exclusively upon my view of the past was brought home again.  When John Battelle joind in a conversation between Chris Abderson and Tim O’Reilly on the topic, Is the Web Dead?

Battelle wrote,

“For those who dispute the ability of quality and engagement to come from open models, I suggest a quick perusal of Clay Shirky’s latest read.”

. . . so I did, after asking myself, “Who the hell is Clay Shirky?” What I found at surprised me.  The most recent update lookd to be more than two years old.  Maybe the worldwide web these guys are discussing died a while back. Maybe the open and totally accessible look into Clay Shirky’s mind never really existed at all.  The good news is that Clay Shirky isn’t dead, even if his blog is in a state of suspended annimation.

As an ending note, I observe that does not use <img> ALT tags.  The screensshot below shows a perfect opportunity to use <img> ALT to good effect.   I really wanted to know who those guys in the photos are, and <img> ALT would have been an easy way to tell me.

But wait. Modern web browsers don’t do this anymore, and I am living in the past.

Screenshot of, photos of Clay Shirky, John Battelle, and Tim O'Reilly

“CPMs are in decline” is modern lingo.  It has nothing to do with Digital Research.


Written by Tom Fox

08/17/2010 at 1:30 pm

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