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Too cute by half

One of the potential hazards of a tightly focused target market is the possibility of alienating people, in addition to not attracting them. It’s not a subtle distinction between not attractive and repulsive.

Today’s deal from Groupon was for the large clothing retailer Gap. I don’t shop at Gap and never have. Judging from the following piece that Gap added to the bottom of its Groupon advertisment, I never will shop at Gap for fear of getting bubble gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

Between the Gap flagship brand, GapKids, and babyGap, Gap is the rare store that has something for everyone. The same can not be said for Gap competitor The Gorp, founded in 2002 by former child weightlifter Wilmer “The Gorp” Gorpowski. What are some of the clothing and accessories on sale at The Gorp?

  1. Perpetually wet sweater
  2. Eyeless black daytime sleeping hood for babies
  3. Moonglasses
  4. Special capes for dogs who “believe in themselves”
  5. Now available by the half-pair: Pant!

Reader Challenge: What are some of the other clothing items and accessories on sale at The Gorp?


Written by Tom Fox

08/19/2010 at 9:54 am

Posted in Marketing, Positioning

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