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I have no doubt the world is insane

I have no doubt the world is insane, or at least the people in it are.

Reading the fine print on a bottle of mouthwash today.  I’m confident the lable complies with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.  That’s the insane part.

The mouthwash lable reads:

At the top – Active ingredients:

  1. 0.092% – Eucalyptol
  2. 0.042% – Menthol
  3. 0.060% – Methyl salicylate
  4. 0.064% – Thymol

At the bottom – Inactive ingredients:

  1. 21.60% alcohol

I trust everyone understands that it is the 21.6% alcohol in the mouthwast that’s the main active ingredient. It’s the alcohol that kills the germs in your mouth. Pretending that the alcohol is an “inactive ingredient” is just plumb crazy. But, appaarently, it’s legal.


Written by Tom Fox

08/20/2010 at 11:28 am

Posted in Legal, Marketing

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