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Veteran Help Desk – Outline

Veteran’s Help Desk – Outline
March, 2009

There are large and increasing numbers of U.S. Military Veterans in distress. In answer to this call, The Service Corps welds together the following:

  1. 21st Century communication technology,
  2. A core group of dedicated and experienced individuals, and
  3. The desire to be truly helpful.

Adaptable response.

Flexible and scalable operations is built into The Service Corps from the ground up.

  • Individual client focus,
  • Open book transparency,
  • Zero fixed cost,
  • Minimal overhead,
  • No fixed boundaries,
  • Adaptive learning,
  • Engineered for easy replication,
  • Off-the-shelf technology,
  • Demand driven from the bottom up, and
  • Integrated volunteer service.

A Learning Curve

The standard operating procedure is –

  1. Listen,
  2. Learn, and
  3. Do.

Listen: Listening to the concerns and problems of Veterans is an on-going operational priority of The Service Corps.  Listening to Vets could be characterized as the single most important aspect of The Service Corps function.

Learn: A full battery of legal, psychological, business, ministerial, employment, management, educational, financial, and entrepreneurial expertise will be targeted on the problem to research the options and to craft a individualized action plan.

Do: The Service Corps aims to provide the Veteran with the information, tools, resources, and encouragement needed to implement the individual action plan, with follow-up through completion.

A Non-denominational (Faith Based) (Spirit Lead)  Initiative

The core group team believes in and has long experience with the power of group prayer & meditation. In this regard plan is to interact with Veterans in a way that does not jeopardize its ability to receive Federal grants or contracts.  Group prayer & meditation will be an important part of actual functioning, but it will not be an overt part of it.  Sometimes the solution is a miracle.



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