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What interests me most about this matter is the psychology. In my opinion, the only potentially controversial information that may reside hidden in the Hawaii vital statistics is the issue of Obama’s race.

That’s right. I think this is a racial issue.

Fifty years ago this August 4th, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and some had to officially decide whether the newborn infant was black or white, and make an official record of that decision. I am reliably informed that newborns are neither black or white in appearance, they are usually some shade of red.
Most Americans today can take a look at the fifty year old President Obama and agree that he looks more black than white. But what did he look like on August 4, 1961? Who made the determination whether the child of a very white woman was negro or caucasian? Was it an overworked nurse that decided the baby’s race for the birth records? I don’t know.

Recently there has been renewed speculation on this zombie issue from those who suggest the original birth record in Hawaii show that Obama had  been born a Muslim, but an infant’s religion is not an item of information recorded by the Hawaii system of vital statistics. It was the practice, and perhaps still is, in Hawaii to record the newborn’s race.

Again, who decided that issue, and upon what basis? The child of a white American woman and a black African man is what, and was “mixed-race” an option? The question of Obama’s “official” race is potentially an explosive issue during the Presidential re-election campaign of America’s first black president, not counting Bill Clinton.

That bit of ancient fossilized opinion is the only possible source of controversy resulting from undisclosed records that I can intuit. What if the State of Hawaii has officially recorded the race of baby Barack Obama  as caucasian?

Would that be a campaign issue when things become even more crazy in 2012? No doubt the lunatic fringe would have a field day with it, but would anyone else be swayed by it?

I have no doubt that it would be the subject for some considerable discussion, but I have no idea what the impact might be. I know that racism is still alive in America today, but would those who might be offended that Obama is not black enough be offset by those who are relieved that he isn’t as black as he appears.

If the State of Hawaii has officially recorded the birth of a caucasian baby boy Barack Obama, Jr.,   I agree it is likely best to keep those records private.  It would be a pointless and disturbing exhibition of a tawdry public  venting of emotional steam, and I don’t want watch it.

Some things take time.




Written by Tom Fox

04/04/2011 at 8:50 am

Posted in Barack Obama, Politics

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