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Raise taxes now

House Republicans Vehemently Opposing Tax Hikes – Huffington Post

This is ridiculous­. It is the same mistake that Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic Congresses made in the 1960’s, which was to fight the Vietnam war without raising taxes. The end result of that misguided, but popular, policy was big budget deficits and high inflation in the 1970s. Now we are fighting three wars, two for eight years, and nobody at the top of the food chain wants to pay the price or feel the pain. They are OK for the young men and women of our nation to bleed, suffer and die, and for military families to endure the hardships of war(s), but the bankers and the billionair­es can’t be imposed upon. “Balance the budget” was the message of the 2010 elections. It was NOT “Safeguard the wealthy at all costs.”

Raising taxes is a VERY acceptable way to balance the budget. Either bring all the troops home NOW and cut military spending, or raise taxes. We need a more balanced redistribu­tion of patriotism­.


Written by Tom Fox

04/13/2011 at 11:56 am

Posted in Politics

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