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Boehner needs Democrats

Today from Reuters’ Andy Sullivan:

“Republican leaders say no [debt ceiling] plan at this point has the votes to pass the House, and an aide said they don’t see how a deal can get done. One senior Republican said talks will go right up to — and perhaps beyond — the brink of default . . .  Dozens [of Republican Representatives] aren’t interested in any sort of deal at all. That means Boehner will have to rely on Democratic votes to get a deal passed, which is weakening his hand at the bargaining table even as he takes an increasingly hard-line stance.”

Since the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party are impossible to satisfy and, “dozens aren’t interested in any sort of deal at all,” the only working solution is for House Speaker Boehner to negotiate a deal that Congressional Democrats can vote for.

When Speaker Boehner publicly announces that a debt ceiling increase can’t pass the House, he is not being strictly accurate. He means that he can’t get the job done without the House Democrats. Dire necessity is the mother of bi-partisanship.


Written by Tom Fox

07/14/2011 at 10:33 am

Posted in Politics

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