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A lawyer joke

Lawyers have been compared to beavers. Like beavers, lawyers get into the middle of the stream and dam things up.

There is a very efficient cash flow machine in Washington D. C. that has been operating smoothly for several generations. Cash flow is essential to the health and well being of any business and economy. Cash flow is essential to the operation of the Federal government.

The Federal government is the single largest employer in the United States, even not counting military personnel and Post Office workers. Correspondingly, one suspects the Federal government has the largest dollar payroll in the country, and Federal spending is the single most significant part of the economy. Given the role government plays in every commercial transaction both foreign and domestic, in some sense the Federal government is the economy.

Idiots in Congress are similar to lawyers and beavers. They jump into the middle of the economy and dam it up. Intentionally disrupting the cash flow and also weakening the economy by eliminating government jobs during a recession is a rotten lawyer thing to do.

Budget deficits are a long term problem, and right now is not a good time to solve them. If you have a problem with credit card debt, the solution is not to pay off your 30 year mortgage, is it? The tea party looks at the Federal government as being a sub-prime borrower facing a balloon note payoff, and we have seen the economic results of squeezing borrowers too hard. It just makes things worse.

The tea party agenda is 180 degrees off course.


Written by Tom Fox

07/21/2011 at 8:19 am

Posted in Politics

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