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Accumulated political wisdom – The Paul Ryan effect.

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Erika Lovley – Moderator : “Is Ryan’s vice presidential candidacy doing more harm than good to GOP congressional candidates?

Rep. John Tierney Congressman (D-Mass.) : “The Ryan budget would have a devastating effect on my district”

Former Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Fla.) : “One thing I learned campaigning is that most voters cast their ballot based on the individual member of Congress. They do not follow strict party ideological paradigms. ”

Former Rep. Martin Frost : “They can run but they can’t hide. The Ryan plan will sink some GOP Congressional candidates.”

Brad Schneider – Democrat for Congress :”My opponent has voted twice for the Ryan plan”

Aaron David Miller : “Ryan’s presence was supposed to simplify and reflect clear principled positions, not open the door to squishy weasel wording.”

Roger Pilon : “Today’s Arena question boils down to this: Are Americans able to handle the truth – that we’re going broke, as Paul Ryan puts it, plainly”

Tom McMahon : “Congressional Republicans might be putting on a brave face, but they have every reason to be nervous about Paul Ryan’s pick to be the party’s vice presidential nominee.”(note: McMahon coined the term “coupon care” as a reference to Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program)

Jason Stanford : “Romney’s choice of Ryan could cement Barack Obama’s lead in the presidential race, but the real danger for Republicans is that Ryan’s presence on the ticket will lose them the House. Paul Ryan is to 2012 voters as Nancy Pelosi was to 2010. Republicans, welcome to a nightmare of your own making.”

Peter Mirijanian : “The Romney campaign is experiencing what happens when you throw the equivalent of a political ‘Hail Mary’ pass: unintended consequences.”

Peter Fenn : “Yes, and Ryan will continue to hurt Republicans in close races until November. The more you are explaining, the more you are losing. No amount of word-smithing or obfuscating can detract from their voting for, and embracing, the Ryan plan – more tax breaks for the super wealthy, tax increases for the middle class, not to mention vouchers for Medicare and privatizing Social Security.”

Celinda Lake : “His budget is the biggest noose around their necks. The combination of refusing to make millionaires pay their fair share and gutting Medicare is a huge negative with women, seniors, and pre-retirement voters.”

Peter Ubertaccio : “Ryan himself demonstrates that a Republican can win a Democratic district by defending the Ryan budget. They might look to him for assistance in that regard rather than reflexively separating themselves from one of the few people in Washington who actually has a plan.”

Darrell M. West : “Ryan creates many complications for GOP congressional candidates because they are going to have to defend his Medicare proposal (which most Republicans voted for).”

John Anzalone : “When we look back in November 2012, the biggest effect of the Ryan pick may have been putting the House in play. Just ask Ron Barber (AZ-8) or Kathy Hochul (NY-26) how the Romney-Ryan plans play in a congressional race.”

David Boaz : “Our politicians have made promises that our taxpayers can’t keep. Putting Paul Ryan on the ticket is a bet that voters are willing to face up to that problem. Are they?”

Mark Hannah : “No amount of NRCC wordsmithing is going to change the fact that Paul Ryan’s budget is the most ideologically driven budget we’ve seen in recent memory. It’s reverse Robin Hood-ism (take from the poor and give to the rich) and class warfare at its worst.”

Christine Pelosi : “There is your Medicare choice: a Democratic guaranteed health services benefit to seniors or a Republican guaranteed payment voucher coupon to insurance companies vendors.”

Gloria Feldt : “No amount of snake oil and Band-Aids can cover up the mortal wounds Paul Ryan aims to inflict on Medicare. And by the way, Medicare is not an entitlement. We earned it and we paid for it.”

Garry South : “That’s what happens when you drink the Koolaid.”

Steven G. Calabresi : “The question for voters is why does Barack Obama want to make such brutal cuts in Medicare instead of reforming Medicare by expanding health care choices?”

Jeffrey Taylor : “Will the “Paul Ryan” budget be problematic for a handful of Republican candidates in Democratic leaning districts or states in 2012? Sure.”

Cliff Schecter : “There is no doubt that by tying his insane budget – one whose numbers seem to ignore those arcane principles of addition and subtraction – around the necks of GOP House and Senate candidates.”

Dewey Clayton : “The choice of Paul Ryan is a mixed blessing. In Democratic-leaning districts it will more likely do more harm than good. However, in Republican districts Ryan’s selection may do more good.”


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