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Scattered Brotherhood

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Published on – eBook in PDF format

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood
House of Light digital edition

114 pages
11 x 8.5″

View on-line or download here.

Editor’s introduction
reposted from: Miracle Course Journal

The one hundred four letters collected in this book were originally published from the late 1930’s through the mid 1940’s in a weekly magazine called the Churchman. The letters were published as anonymous contributions by various writers from across the country. It is a mistake to think that all of the letters were written by a single individual. They were not. Many varous writers contributed over several years. From the content and style of the letters it seems likely that these unknown authors were professional Protestant clergy, or at least deeply immersed in the more spiritual side of the Christian faith . . . ( read more )

General topics

  • Let us be quite honest
  • The great adventure
  • The outward thrust of faith
  • Responsibility to the inner voice
  • The eternal guest
  • Remember always with joy
  • The moment for action
  • You have a great part to play
  • Adversity
  • Gentleness can make you great
  • The warm fire within you
  • Something almost unknown within
  • True joy requires faith
  • The enemies within yourself
  • Like rivers of living water
  • The invisible world
  • Be aware of spiritual birth

Tom Fox
Louisville, Kentucky

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Written by Tom Fox

12/04/2008 at 7:02 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] Another day in life Making things better giving Advise from afar 07/20/11 At our full stature We show the joyful spirit Of a tender God. #lsb […]

  2. […] Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood was a book I found while I was looking for something else. It took me six (6) years to read “Letters” the first time. I was convinced that some deep answers lay in the pages. It did hold some revelations which emerged gradually. […]

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